Caitlin Grace Utting

Caitlin; Of Greek and Irish origin, meaning ‘pure’.  This is exactly what Caitlin Grace Utting embodies, a purity. And that is in the sense that she is honest, down to earth, loves to work hard and will continue to strive for the production of her creative experiences.


Caitlin grew up in Lodi, California with her Mother, Teresa, her Father Richard, and her older Brother Ashby. She was the youngest and as a child she trained in ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics. She played soccer for ten years both recreationally and competitively, as well as competing in Cheerleading, Track and Field and in Speech and Debate in High School. She and her squad won cheer competitions, her soccer teams won finals, and her Duo Dramatic Interpretation team came in 1st place. Caitlin also performed and co-starred in several plays and musicals in high school and played Powder Puff Football.


Once Caitlin graduated from high school she was originally accepted to the Theater Arts Program, but somehow the Psychology program at San Francisco State University drew her in. Caitlin realized that acting is about the human condition and why humans are motivated to do the things they do, and she wanted to study innate human behavior in America as well as cross-culturally. She has since taken the knowledge she has gained in receiving her BA in Psychology, and has implemented it into all avenues of her creative arena.


From 2007-2009, Caitlin had the privilege of working at HoneyShed as an Associate Producer for the Beauty and Fashion channels as well as the Co-Writer and Voice Over artist for the Daily HoneyShed Hookup segments. Caitlin developed relationships with the PR reps for major brands such as Urban Decay, Benefit, Stila, Estee Lauder, Miss Sixty, and Brixton Lmtd to feature their products on HoneyShed.  She worked closely with the writers, casting directors, wardrobe, editing, talent and producers to help maintain relationships with clients and meet deadlines.


With the knowledge Caitlin experienced at HoneyShed, she and her close friend and colleague Alissa Christensen, wrote, produced and starred in the web series, LoadedLALA (2011). It was definitely a grateful learning experience. Since then Caitlin has gone on to write, produce, star and/or edit a number of short films including, Champagne and Screaming, Bait, and Amy Wu's House of Love. She is now working on a full series.


Caitlin recently shot a short film, The Paperclip, for the 2016, 168 International Film Festival.  Not only did The Paperclip receive 10 nods for awards, including Best Film(2nd Runner Up), Best Screenplay(Winner), Best Director, Best Actor and Supporting Actor(Winner), but Caitlin herself, was nominated for Best Actress.


An audition for the Movie, Followed, has also advanced her career. While Caitlin didn't get the part she originally auditioned for, Viscape Arts Producers, Writers and Directors wrote in a part for her specifically. She feels extremely blessed and honored. Followed is now in post and is expected to drop Fall 2017.


Caitlin attributes her craft to studying at Beverly Hills Playhouse since May 2012. She has had the honor of working with Art Cohen, Michael Petted, Alex Craig Mann and Leila Vatan. Over the course of the past few years, Caitlin has honed her creative to a well oiled machine and is very excited about her future endeavors.