👋🏼, I’m Caitlin Grace. I’m an actress and writer working and living in Los Angeles, AKA The City of Angels


I always find it interesting describing myself. Typically I start with the fact that I am a Cali Girl, born and bred in Lodi CA. I am a fiery Sagittarius who loves challenges and strives for greatness. Always up to try something new, yet I am aware of my surroundings and can read the room.  Luckily for me, I get along with most right off the bat. Probably due to my ability to put myself in pretty much anyone's shoes. And let me tell you, that can be a bit of a conundrum. Moving and relating to people is what I feel is my true passion and thankfully, being able to tell their stories through my craft, is a complete blessing. As they always say, there are Three Truths. Your Truth, Their Truth, and The Real Truth. Weaving all these together, is what humanity, in my eyes, truly is.


"It's not that life is too short, it's just too long to live in denial" ~Caitlin Grace


This is a hard path to have chosen to persist. But there is no other way I can imagine carrying on. I personally thrive when I can relate to a character or situation that I see in a Movie or TV Show. The life lessons one can learn by watching others is underrated. As we are all much more alike, then we can care to admit. Thats a scary thing, is it not? That the reason someone or something rubs us the wrong way is because, well... That is a quality within ourselves we may not wish to acknowledge. To allow yourself to experience discomfort and vulnerability, is a daunting task. But its when you open your heart, that you realize you are much closer to each other than you originally thought.


All my love,


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